A trained ceramist, Chor Leng's works are often centred in a tactile response to materials. Her interest in the dynamics of art and public space are central to her work and are manifested through site-specific land art installations and large scale interactive sculptures that create spaces where the environment and audience interact and reveal the social dynamics of art in public spaces.


Chor Leng often uses the materials of contemporary architecture: stainless steel, plywood and acrylic, to construct her interactive works. In her land art installations she works onsite with excavation and transplantation of earth in order to draw attention to issues of ownership and the environment. Both of these modalities in her art making are meditations that tend to reveal hidden social paradigms that animate and permeate those those spaces. In adapting the artwork to the specific qualities of the urban landscape and the people who inhabit them, viewers are lured into a unique interaction that underscores the theory that art can exist and function anywhere and everywhere.


Chor Leng is an award winning Artist and Art Educator who has exhibited in Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada and Germany. In Singapore her work has been commissioned for the Singapore Bicentennial Celebrations, Tokyo's Roponggi Art Night, National Museum of Singapore, Singapore Art Museum, National Gallery Singapore and the Land Transport Authority and the Esplanade-Theatre on the Bay.